Savior the sheep shagger

Allegedly Adam

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Empty Threats

Below you'll see two screenshots. The first is him saying he is going to ruin my life after pasting pr0jekt's DB and other stuff after him denying the stuff was real. The second screenshot is me laughing at him on XMPP to have him end up telling me to ruin his life instead.

There will also be two text files, the first is my conversation with Savior on XMPP and the second is with pr0jekt on XMPP, where he said Savior is a retard anyway.

This all happened around the 28th of October in 2016.

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Click -->   Asking to be hacked

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Snitches get stiches

Savior is also a snitch. He learnt what happens to snitches on the internet. Below you can see two images of him reporting 4 people to a site that got hacked, asking there to be no records showing that he had contacted them and provided them with evidence. The second screenshot is where he found out he got exposed as a snitch.

Doxed fgt

Generously not exactly everything of his/about him is included, but here: dox.txt.

Notice the long list of aliases? That's because he's snaked so many people he's had to change it so many times.

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