Get your bleach ready, this will be hard

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He is a very special child. For some odd reason he thinks that anthrax (Yes, the disease) is a, and I quote "very toxic/radioactive chemical".

Computer scientist too!

So somehow according to your local computer scientist Ray, only quantum computers can calculate faster than the human brain. Not like computers within the past 10+ years were able to do that, but you know.

Deepweb = Illegalz!

Did you know that going to the deepweb is illegal? You can only stay safe by not getting caught. So you need to make sure you don't hiccup on your privacy else you'll see flashing lights outside.

Hardware guy

So considering he has so much working hardware such as the DDR RAM and 2.5" drives on & around him, this shows how much of a computer expert he is.

Real news

So from this picture, you can see he is a reliable source of news since he hacks el planeta. The picture inspired by Mr Robot, Ray stares into the camera lense to prove his seriousness.

Cyber vigilante

So Ray thinks he's a very well known person, and a very well known hacker. The LED keyboard in the top right has been known to be a laughing point for many.

CQC gawd

So not only is he a super leet hacker, but apparently he has some IRL fighting skills. The weird thing is if a cop were to point a gun at him he'd shit himself and be the submissive lil' bitch he is.

Cyber Security Expert

Now, remember the bleach I said to get? Well now you should get some Sulfuric Acid because the following image is very disturbing.

If you wish to learn the terms he used, Google the following:

  • Vulnerabilities (Computers)
  • Holes (Computers)
  • Non-patched servers
  • Injections (Computers)
  • HTML cracks
  • RAT-Ware
  • RDC Methods
  • SQL Penetration
  • Pen-Testing
  • Social Enginerring
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Remote Control Protocols

  • Darnket = Hacker Group

    So according to this massive pile of kanker, the darknet is a group of hackers. And you know, definitely not just another portion of the internet.

    Conspiracy lover

    So Ray being the amazing hacker he is, has a natural love for conspiracy theories. As you can see from the following image, he thinks only a small minority believe in conspiracies. He thinks he's an expert on Linux too because he managed to follow a tutorial on how to install Kali as a desktop OS, despite the devs saying never to use it as such considering it's major insecurities. Ask him the difference between a terminal, shell, TTY and console and he wouldn't know where to start.

    Can't brag

    Yeah, I do shit that I can't brag about because of how illegal the hacking is. Let me just brag about this to Facebook for no reason at all. Because SQLMapping random sites that he pulled from over used Google dorks really makes him some super leet hacker. Only real hackers say how they do illegal stuff on Facebook that they can't talk about.

    Click -->   Image 1

    Click -->   Image 2

    Click -->   Image 3.1

    Click -->   Image 3.2


    So he says how he doesn't want to be original on the internet, however he tried creating a phone repairs company and took the name that are already registered to other companies being "Tronic Repairs" and then to "Elite Repairs". He also thinks he's started the whole school goth scene (He was born in 1999, this was way before he was born anyway) and claimed everyone copied him with bonfires (Yet people do these all around the world on beaches. And, oh yeah. Bonfire Night on November the 5th).

    Click -->   Not wanting to be OG online

    Click -->   Goth Scene


    One thing that he decided to do was put "Engineer (Terminal)" in his Instagram bio. Now firstly, what the fuck is an Engineer (Terminal)? And secondly, since he clearly decided to put "Terminal" because he booted up Kali one day, watched a tutorial on how to update packages and saw he was opening a mysterious application called "Terminal". Here's a fun thing to do: Ask him the different betweet a terminal, shell and TTY since he's clearly a computer expert and a terminal engineer.

    What RAT stands for

    So the best part about this is he claimed he was going to hack his whole school because he got access to the "admin panel". He said he was going to do it via virus. So, since he clearly had to do some research into what he wanted to do, he should know what RAT stands for, right? Well, no. He thinks is stands for "Random Access Tool"...

    Bomb expert

    So when the Manchester bombing at the Ariana Grande concert, Ray decided to make a Facebook post. Well, what did Mr. Uffre have to say? Oh, you know. That he's an experienced engineer so he knows how to make bombs and how easy they are. Well, give him an anarchists cook book and watch him struggle to even understand it. Oh, and ask him about the physics of bombs and how bombs can be effective without fragments. Then proceed to laugh.

    SQL Injection

    I can't even find a place to start on this absolute bullshit. So, here's the image. Pick at what you will, just try not to facepalm too hard.

    Attention seeking at it's finest

    The image "Delete Facebook" below is the 3rd time he said he was going to delete his Facebook in about 2 years and never done it either of those times.

    Click -->   Delete Facebook

    Click -->   Sarahah 1

    Click -->   Sarahah 2

    More science

    So now according to Ray, time is man made. I don't think he quite understands that timezones and time itself are different.


    So, the man who couldn't get anymore wrong about vulnerabilities is leading the revolution through hacking. The weed smoker who can't hit a bong properly and pretends he's a spoopy anomalouse hax0r thinks he scares everyone, let alone governments.

    HTML compiler

    So Ray decided he wanted to create a webpage. Thankfully there were other pages for him to copypasta. Minus the edits he made, he was asked about the page. He then went to ask whether the question was aimed at HTML or compilation. He thinks HTML gets compiled. And the compiler is a "Debian/Linux" (Despite Debain being a Linux distro) "based editor".

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