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Thankfully right before I got suspended I requested my Twitter data. Sadly, they don't include the images and Twitter deletes your media after around a week of suspension.

Stolen DStat

I was making fun of some kid who tried to DDoS and say he was hitting hard. I asked him for a DStat so he tweeted one at me. The day after, NWH claimed they DDoSed a KKK site, using the exact same graph the other guy tweeted at me. All they done was literally crop the image, thinking nobody would notice.

Click -->   Date: 3rd of January, 2016

Click -->   Date: 4th of January, 2016

I should mention that after I tweeted that to them calling them out they blocked me.


So the BBC got DDoSed and NWH tried to take credit for it. The attack was supposedly around 600Gbps. So they can hit that hard, but had to steal a DStat of 241Gbps. If you hit 600Gbps, then why try and pretend you can even hit 241Gbps?

Literally just refer to the section above.

They used BangStress to attack the BBC, which got stopped until they begged others to use their paid stressers to hit it too.

Also they claimed they kept Trump's website down for hours. After 5 minutes the site was back up and didn't go back down. Their proof it was still down? A screenshot from CheckHost that they took when it was down. Using CheckHost and self checking after 5 minuets would prove it was back up.

Networking geniuses

For some reason, the masters in DDoSing think that for IPv4 you can send more than 65535 bytes per packet. Since they DDoS so much, why can't they at least learn anything about Networking?

Happened to find the archive I made of the tweet: here.

Failed Stressers

They tried to create a stresser but since they don't know how to code they just took a public source. The sources they used were PureStress, VexStress and GigaStress.

And of course, public stresser source. XSS exists.

Click -->   XSS

Click -->   CGI-Bin user enum

Click -->   Exposed Files

plain text daemon ftp

"Yall aren't known, yall can't even sqli a plain text daemon ftp" says Ownz. I don't think he understands anything about SQLi, FTP or daemons.

Fake nets

The way they operated their DDoS attacks was from using stressers. Somebody sent me an image of SadProhpet showing up in their member list. Low and behold, DeltaStresser ended up getting their DB dropped.

(1450, 'SadProphet', '413e05ec92887a519cb5ded1329c6746', '', 0, 17, 1495908246, '0', 0)

Me SinfulHaze, me mad

Now this is literally the reason I love trolling and just in general pissing people off. The fact SinfulHaze got so mad into threatening me into like this just gives me a raging hard-on.

Click -->   Screenshot 1

Click -->   Screenshot 2

Fake dox

Another thing with SinfulHaze is the fact he tried to pretend he was never in CapeTown. Now, I forgot how we found out but he tried to deny living in CapeTown, South Africa and claimed Sa7an doxed him. I asked Sa7an if the dox he linked was made by him, like claimed on the paste and he confirmed he never created it. Oh, what a way to get caught out.

Click -->   Linked me the dox

Click -->   Screenshot of the dox

Click -->   Sa7an confirming it wasn't his work

He claimed I tried to hack their site although he was just challenging me to SQLi a site before him, which he already ran SQLMap on.

Oh, also you can see him say he's in the UK, but the dox says US despite saying the dox was accurate.

You can also find in the interview here, that SinfulHaze sounds like he's from an African country and listed will have the time where he slips up saying he's in Cape Town then says Birmingham.

Site pwned

What's funny about them being "hackers" is that their own site got pwned. Via CSRF. Now if you get pwned from CSRF when you claim to be hackers, you're just asking to be bullied.

Click -->   Emails

Click -->   Email from SinfulHaze

LTE = untraceable

I'll have to go on my old phone to get the screenshot but they think when you use LTE (Mobile data) you're untraceable and that police can't find your location.

I'll update this page some time with the screenshot.


What I find hilarious about this is they act smart. They pretend they're much more smarter than anyone they come across, however. They think Africa is a country. They have a member in South Africa, Cape Town. They still refuse to believe Africa is a continent.

Bullied by Discord devs

Sadly I was asleep when it happened, however NWH claimed their Discord server was hosted separate with "double encrypted enabled". Since I was asleep I couldn't get any screenshots or video, but the Discord devs went into the NWH shitting on them for that claim.

RSA gawds

So for some reason NWH claimed RSA is an exploit. Not that it's a crypting algorithm or anything. I would have to get the screenshot once again, however when I mentioned it to them a few days ago (12th of April 2018) they then said it was part of MD5.

The satellites man!

So they DDoSed the Korea News Service site, claiming it was hosted off a satellite. They also acted like them DDoSing the site, which is hosted here on Earth and not in space on a server like they pretend. If they were even smart, they'd know satellites don't act as hosts for sites and, use radio and microwave signals. Yes, routers use radio signals for wifi too but sorry buddy, the internet doesn't work like that.

Along with that, they tried to claim it could have also stopped missile attacks. You've got to be on some new level of downsyndrome to think any of this is real, and the fact HackRead actually published the spewing of complete bullshit should mean that if you take them seriously and think they report on anything actually factual, then you've been reading the wrong outlet.

Here is the link of them looking stupid: here.

Incase any of them go crying to get the article removed: here.


They done an interview over Skype with a site called CommandAndControl. You can find that: here.

Considering how fucking utterly stupid they made themselves look, you can also play it from here:

1:30 they give small amounts of their info

Around 30 minutes in one of the members pretends he was raided but story sounds made up

This was uploaded on 23rd of October 2016.

Definitely not SQLMap

Upon using Google dorks to find South African sites they can try SQLMap, they found one site. The ended up dumping it then attempting to make it look like they never used SQLMap by removing the pipes and dashes.


Creep alert

There were a bunch of screenshots going around of Ownz saying to a 15 year old girl that his dick is really hard over her. I'm in the process of digging those screenshots up since sadly I never saved them. Page will be updated soon.

"Coding servers"

At one point NWH claimed that they were coding servers. What was it really? Well it seems to be a game plugin with them holding big external hard drive or an external disk drive or something.

you can find the archived tweet: here

Also one thing I love is the fact they claim they have a line reaching 150Gbps+ upload. I don't think they understand the fact that home connections are typically maxed to 1Gbps, or a business connection with ISPs is at least 10Gbps. The fact they're pretending they're running 5 boxes from their home connection (I don't think they even know what a server looks like, just look at it) is too stupid.

Hard Kik denial

Me and Cracka went and bullied SadProhpet on Kik. We bullied him so hard he spammed the chat then eventually left. Below you'll find the links for the screenshots, however you can browse the nwh directory instead and do whatever.

He ended up denying that the Kik was his. As seen here.

Click -->   Screenshot 1

Click -->   Screenshot 2

Click -->   Screenshot 3

Click -->   Screenshot 4

Click -->   Screenshot 5

Click -->   Screenshot 6

Click -->   Screenshot 7

Click -->   Screenshot 8

Click -->   Screenshot 9

Click -->   Screenshot 10

Click -->   Screenshot 11

Click -->   Screenshot 12

Click -->   Screenshot 13

Click -->   Screenshot 14

Click -->   Screenshot 15

Click -->   Screenshot 16

Click -->   Screenshot 17

Click -->   Screenshot 18

Click -->   Screenshot 19

Click -->   Screenshot 20

Click -->   Screenshot 21

Click -->   Screenshot 22

Click -->   Screenshot 23

Click -->   Screenshot 24

Click -->   Screenshot 25

Click -->   Screenshot 26

New challenger appears!

So there's been a new skid on the block, "Fearless". Firstly, quite ironic because he's way too harmless for anyone to be scared of so, there's that.

Secondly, this just pushes the whole thing of Twitter skids getting worse every year.

Fitting right in

So the point of the above section mentioning this new skid, he fits right into the team. Fearless thinks that NWH members have been investigated before. My question is, for what exactly? Looking above and just at the team in general, it seems like everything they do is fake or nothing worth any government wasting resources on.

Wordpress user enum

So on Twitter Fearless posted a pic of the Wordpress users on In the picture, it says the script was coded by Fearless.

Upon some searching for enumeration scripts out there that he could have edited, I came across a particular PHP script on ExploitDB that looks VERY similar. Easy to make it look the same with a small edits.

Click -->   Fearless's tweet

Click -->   ExploitDB code

---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------

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