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CWA fanboy

Now this is the best part about everything to do with D3f4ult. He is the biggest fanboy of CWA you will ever see. He has some weird obsession with Cracka and you will never see anything like it.

His tweets about CWA pretty much sum it up. The obsession he has ties into the next section however this really deserves it's own section.

So this mostly all started from Default begging for leaks to publish under AnonSec, the team that fake hacked Asus and Acer by making free domains and using Hostinger to put "hacked" with the original sites in iframes. He would then go on to brag about speaking to members of CWA and claim to have close affiliation despite all that was done was begging.

As you can see from the two screenshots below, after he was arrested over CWA despite having nothing to do with the team he went on Insecurity IRC under "L0mis". This was funny since he failed to pretend to be someone else and would mess up now and again referring to himself from third person to first. As you can see, he claimed he was best friends with Cracka and done the "second most" despite not being in CWA. What was funny was Cracka, Cubed and I laughed about Default in a call in February 2016 and all Default done was beg for shit, so it's pretty funny to watch him talk highly of himself posing as a different person.


So now Default is facing 5 years of prison. Why? For breaking his plea deal and lying under oath as part of the plea deal saying everything he said was truth (Even calling himself a member of CWA).

You can send letters to ickle Justin at:

Also, here's his mugshot.


So the best part about Default snitching is he didn't do anything to need to snitch. Although he kept logs of everything and recorded himself being a skid 24/7, he also claimed to have done other stuff as part of CWA. All he done was beg for leaks and published 1 he was finally given which was the Miami police. He didn't do anything to be put in prison other than publishing a CWA leak he begged for but he still snitched and told the police everything he knew about Cracka. Below you will find links to PDFs from court and one is his plea deal.

Click -->   PDF 1

Click -->   PDF 2

Click -->   PDF 3

Steals Code

Feel free to look at it yourselves. Here's his Pastebin.

The piece I am including here is the shellshock script he stole. Below is a link to his upload, the original and and comparison between the two.

Click -->   Stolen - 6th of October 2014

Click -->   Original - 26th of September 2014

Click -->   Comparison

He thinks adding ASCII art, removing the original authors name and changing single quote comment lines to hash comment lines will stop people from realising he stole the code.

Also here is a IRC log of him being bullied in IRC where to can find other links that he stolen code from: Here

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