Matthew Bebsz

Bebsz now goes by the name "Jihadi4Prez" or just "Jihadi". Now this idiot, he's a funny one. He claims he has been around since 2008 but there's a lot of stuff that makes that seem like obvious bullshit.

He still uses precompiled DDoS Amp attack and scanner scripts in 2015. He only started to learn scripting/programming languages (Or rather learnt how to copypasta and make minor edits to code) in 2017. He only learnt about File Inclusion in 2016.

He even thought that "gcc in.c -o out" was wrong, called me an idiot and said it's "gcc in.c out -o" despite either would actually work.

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History of Bebsz and I

Around late 2012 I was playing Black Ops 2 zombies on Transit, solo. My friend invited someone with a gamertag that included "bebz" to our Xbox Live Party. I was pretty new in 2012, I was only starting to get interested in everything around then so I couldn't have clowned him already. He then proceded to talk shit and said he was going to take my internet offline and that he was going to "fry my router" (You can already tell by threatening to fry a router from DDoSing, they don't know anything at all to do with networking), etc. He went to hit me off but hit my friend by accident instead, to which I then started to laugh at him for his already failed attempt. He then finally hit me off which is lasted for 10 minutes at most. I guess his Kaiten botnet had a cool-down and time limit (Obviously mocking him for his continuous use of Kaiten up to 2015, he clearly used a booter). He then tried to harass me and follow me on multiple accounts, and one being called "I RUN PORT 6667". I mean, you can clearly tell he's a spooky hacker since he knows the default IRC port is 6667. Must mean he has a massive botnet capable of crippling a whole nation. After that I never met him again until in late 2015 after my friend wanted my help with setting up a stresser service. I never heard of him again after bullying him then until 2016 to when I bullied him again.

Spoke shit, gets bullied by the same person 3 years later. Feels bad man.

Now, I honestly kinda feel bad for how badly I bullied him. Everytime now he just avoids me at all costs. He tried claiming I dickrode him in 2014 for him to help me setup a PMA net. I've never wanted to setup a botnet that just uses scanners because there's no skill in that, at all. Plus it's fair less time consuming just to use DrDoS with Amp attacks. The only times I saw him was in 2012, 2015, 2016 and 2017. 2014 seems to be missing from the years I saw him in, so to me it just seems like some is trying to recover from their broken respected reputation and hurt feelings. :( And because of the 10 minute DDoS, that's literally the only thing he has on me. Claiming that he ran me just by a 10 minute DDoS from

Confirming a failed dox

Now this, this is one of my favourite things that happened because it's so hilariously wrong. So the dox that was done on me that was based on my bail sheet which is located here, is still inaccurate. Now, how the bail sheet got out in the first place was because I sent Incursio a pic of it to prove it was me and not a fed since it was the same day I got V& and then gave it out without covering anything up. Besides that, I don't care. I'm 18 now so like everyone else my info is publicly available. Anyway, back to the point of this section. He claimed he called up my ISP and said they confirmed the IP address belongs to the number and address in the dox, but. I'm very certain I've made it clear enough, publicly that I live in Brighton, and uh, 01323 isn't the area code for Brighton. 01323 is the Eastbourne area code. But hey, who am I to say the dox is wrong? I mean, every dox on me that gets made becomes a tiny bit more accurate at the same time as it makes it more inaccurate. It's for the skid trying to recycle/use it to decide what is correct and incorrect since every single skid that tries to dox fails to conduct any kind of research for confirmation.

Hakur gawd

He is supa skare becuz he dumpt armyforceonline lyk a leet hakur. Aaaannnnnndddddd, what would you know. It turns out he just used LeakedSource with the subscription his dad paid for and used the wildcard function to get all the entries. Funnily you could tell it was from LeakedSource because of when it happened and how the layout was, which matched LeakedSource. He also setup a fake domain and pretended he hacked it by injecting illegals into it!!!1!!1! :0 (He legit said he used code injection to hack it without actually specifying the vulnerability exploited, which to me clearly shows he lacks any kind of knowledge as to what vulns would have allowed him to do so)

Secure chats only!

This is also a pretty funny one, it turns out he tried telling my friend to get XMPP because it's "more secure". Although XMPP/Jabber itself isn't actually secure for comms, he still proceded to tell me friend how much secure it was. So, what's the funny part about this? Oh, you know. Just the fact he failed to even acknowledge that OTR was a thing and is what makes XMPP secure in the first place. How do I know this? Well, it's simple. Not only did my client tell me he didn't have OTR installed when I tried starting a conversation on XMPP to laugh at him more after blocking me on Twitter for it, but because I also added my friend who he told to get XMPP and asked what OTR was when I asked why he didn't install it either, to the response was "He never told me bro, he just said XMPP was safe and never mentioned OTR".

Big hacker, totally secure, OpSec only guy

So referring back to the reunion between Bebsz and I in 2015 about the stresser service, whilst having access to the same servers, and after SSH'ing into one of them I decided I would take a look at the IP that was the last to connect to the server. That IP was "". Because it was residential and was an Ohio IP, of which my friend is not located in I asked Bebsz why he pretends to be so leet but never logged into the servers with a VPN was which clearly intended for illegal services. His response was "It's my families IP". It may be his parents IP, but since he lives with them it makes it his IP too. I gave his IP to someone else in 2016 who wanted it and it resulted to his dox, which did get some things wrong, and some right however it was remade and is accurate and confirmed. He ended up claiming that 2016 one was wrong, then admitted it mostly right and now continues to deny it.

OpenSource Stressers

This part gets to him quite a lot, because he likes to say how easy XSS is but every source he's attempted to use for Stressers have been vuln to XSS, if it's easy, it has an easy fix.

Below are screenshots and a video from 3 sources. What I find funny is cbooter was on BlazingFast but still went down just from simple reconnaissance work. of being down. Source: Didn't check

Click -->   XSS 1

Click -->   XSS 2

Click -->   Ban for XSS Source:

Click -->   Source img 1

Click -->   Source img 2 Source: Didn't check

Click -->   XSS

Click -->   Got mad, denied it, I recorded it

Making fake doxes

So Bebsz is mad that his dox is even more public so he created this.

He ended up remaking it all to push his dox further down on Skidpaste. Someone poasted his fake dox to Skidpaste so I posted the 2016 dox to his Discord and got banned again. So now when you search his dox on Skidpaste all you will see is the same as the below image. He spam uploaded his fake one to push his more accurate one down and tweeted it to spread more misinfo. The one thing that made me think was why he never included the one from 2016 that was also found when searching for "Jihadi" on there. Hhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm. :thining: (Yes, I know it doesn't show the actual emoji but it's kind of a inside joke on Mumble)

His cancerous Pastebin

In the below image you can see "his" (Actually just Google'd for what functions do what and just edited existing code) C code for installing Mirai automatically. The best part is this

goto Update;          and           goto Utils;
    Update;                             Utils;

Another cool thing is the fact he done exactly what SinfulHaze from NWH done, which was try say shit about something he learnt to look smart, i.e. after looking at and editing C code for this auto installer thing, he tweeted to me "I bet you don't know the difference between print and printf in C is" over my tweet about his "gcc in.c -o out is wrong" statement. Way to prove you know nothing about C, dumbass. If you want to act smart, have a basic understanding of psychology. You'd understand exactly how easily it is to see how hard you are trying to look smart.

He also pretended like he coded this from scratch, but if you want to learn a programming language learn the fucking syntax first or atleast understand how it works, that way you'd know languages in general are read top to bottom, therefore the need of "goto" and putting the address right after is very, very, VERY obselete.

Also with the code, although pretending to be very familiar with Unix systems he doesn't know that there are more package managers than yum and apt-get, and then only uses one package manager after. To me, this just shows he's obviously just copy and pasting code. Just like he takes tutorials on setting stuff up and pretending he made it all considering he installs packages on seperate lines instead of putting them all together in the same command.

He also tried to make a Python version of it with a friend and all it was was copypasta. I know because all I saw was chunks of copy dis/appear because they used Riseup Pad for it. He can't even code in C or Python but keeps making code in them, don't make code if you can't even code in that language. Stop pushing false info because the more false info you make the harder it's going to hit you when you bullshit with it is called out.

You can find that Python code here.

Wat r these videos

I honestly don't even know how to start this section since the screenshot speaks for itself. One thing I want to point out is the "Hacking CCTV Cameras" was just him using Shodan to find IPCams and using the login "admin:admin", "admin:password", "admin:", "admin:123" or "admin:123456".

Constant banning

Although my voice wasn't captured, I kept telling him to not ban me and just to talk. You can even hear at the end how one of them told him to "let him speak" before being cut off from me being banned again.

I was actually in there for quite some time although I only started to get kicked and banned after I started to laugh at him, letting his Discord members know how much of an idiot he is to the point of multiple people DM'ing me laughing at him too and saying how they never knew how retarded he was and how scared he was.

More avoiding

Below you will see 9 screenshots of my DMs with him where I kept telling him to join MLT's Discord so I could laugh at him in vc in front of quite a few people who wanted to watch a skid get clowned. Sadly he never joined because of how scared he was. :(

Click -->   Screenshot 1

Click -->   Screenshot 2

Click -->   Screenshot 3

Click -->   Screenshot 4

Click -->   Screenshot 5

Click -->   Screenshot 6

Click -->   Screenshot 7

Click -->   Screenshot 8

Click -->   Screenshot 9

Mirai + Qbot skids = Gov targets

Got mad, wanted the site DDoSed

So since Bebsz is the furious muffin he is, he wanted the site to get DDoSed.

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