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Stresser... Of course.

So the typical theme of skids and their shitty stressers strikes, once again! Like usual, the source is from some random HackForums or thread. The source for this is TimeSource.

As I've said before, pre-made source, so there will be XSS in their tickets area. Wow! Who would have thought, the l33te5t hackers are using a source they didn't code (Because they can't) and didn't pre-test for the most common vulnerability of all, XSS! Well, of course. It exists.

Below you can see going to the tickets will redirect to my Twitter. Now, what's the most hilarious part is they only removed that ticket. That's it. They didn't know how to prevent it so after making it redirect again they ditched the stresser idea.

Click -->   XSS

Click -->   "Secure stresser"


The uploaded a file to their site on how to whitelist Cloudflare IPs. What's funny about this is they tried to pretend they made it themselves, however it was quite obviouls copypasta.

Click -->    Their file

Click -->    Original

Minecraft kids

The sad reality is that the past newgen kids have all been from Minecraft. You can kinda tell they're all Minecraft kids considering a large majority of their attacks have been on Minecraft servers.

Click -->   Tweet 1

Click -->   Tweet 2

Click -->   Tweet 3

Click -->   Tweet 4

Click -->   Tweet 5

Click -->   Tweet 6

Click -->   Tweet 7

Click -->   Tweet 7s link

Click -->   Tweet 8

Sys admins!!

One thing that I have learnt today, has probably got to be you can prevent a DDoS attack just by reinstalling your web server. As proven by the well known, security administrators known as ApophisSquad!

Inb4 "Yeah, but it's because it was a default Nginx page!". Well no. Not as all. They're practically in a corner now, having to admit they're clueless. The config and pages will still be in the same places, and/or it could have rotated to a backup server they have set where the files weren't uploaded.

Meme from another meme

One of the other very funny parts is one member they had was BannedOffline. One retard from GhostSquadHackers/GSH, where you can find the kid here: GSH page. Not really too sure if this is correct but just seems like it based on how they tweet to the people in the "Tags" section.

Hackers can't HTML

I really don't know how this kind of stuff happens, but looks like these pesky hackers are just too tired from hacking the world! XD

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